Price List

Dry Cut £16.00
Cut, Shampoo, Blow Dry £20.00
Clipper Cut (One Grade All-Over) £12.00
Flat Top £19.00
OAP (Over 65) Monday- Thursday £9.00
Boys (Under 14) £12.00
Boys (Under 14) Skin Fade £15.00
Haircut And Shave £27.00
Head Shave With Cutthroat £17.00
Hot Towel Shave £17.00
Beard Trim ‘Line Up’ £15.00
Patterns (from) £6.00
Skin Fade £18.00
Skin Fade And Shave £29.00
Razor’s “The Works”: Haircut, Shave, Facial Mask  £40.00

*Prices are subject to change. Last updated 12.07.24

Please note: Walk-ins only; we do not currently offer a pre-booking service.

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